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Although we have already written about the historical and natural sights of Zadar and its surroundings, it is so rich area that there is always more to add. You may also be interested in some other world-famous locations around the city and our hostel.

For example, just 15 kilometers from Zadar lies the historic town of Nin, which, apart from being a well known tourist destination, has a great historical significance for this region since it was first developed as a village by the Liburni tribe in the 9th century BC.

The center of this interesting ancient city is an islet of only 500 meters in diameter, formed on the sandy foothills of the former mouth of the river Miljašić Jaruge in the sea, and connected with the land by two bridges. Here, the Nina Diocese was once housed, and the city is today recognized for its many historical buildings, which are worth seeing.

But, since it’s not all about the history, I would also like to highlight the Zrće beach, now known as Zrće Party Beach, the Croatian Ibiza. It is located on the island of Pag near Novalja, only 35 kilometers from Zadar.

Zrće is today a world-renowned destination for a crazy time, fun and daytime parties, which is whytens of thousands of tourists are visiting it every year.

There is also the Mirnovec Amusement Park, often called the Croatian Gardaland, and with its offer it promises good fun and entertainment, both for individuals as well as for whole families and children.

In addition, near Zadar is the Dugi Otok island, where the well-known sandy beach Saharun is situated.

From other locations we recommend you to visit, we can distinguish the beautiful Modrič cave, only 40 kilometers from Zadar, and the river Zrmanja, which with its beauty and uniqueness takes the breath away from everyone who sees it.

Of course, the Downtown Boutique Hostel staff will be happy to help with the organization of excursions to any of these destinations.

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