Nacionalni park Kornati

Natural sights in the vicinity of Zadar

When someone asks us what is so special about Zadar and why someone should visit it, we often don’t know where to start. With many historical sights or natural beauties?

We would say both, but here we will dedicate a few words to the beautiful natural sights in the vicinity of Zadar and our hostel that we think you should visit.

Namely, in the wider Zadar area there are 5 national parks and 2 nature parks.

Kornati IslandsThe Kornati National Park is only 25 kilometers from Zadar, and it represents the largest part of the Kornati islands in this part of the Adriatic Sea in Central Dalmatia. The total area of ​​the park is about 220 square kilometers, consisting of 89 islands, islets and cliffs, and nearly 3/4 of the area is a beautiful and rich marine ecosystem.

The NP Kornati is rich in natural and cultural features, and it is home to rare species both on land and underwater. Certainly the most popular phenomenon of this beautiful sea paradise is the vertical cliffs of the “crown” of the Kornati islands facing the open sea.

Paklenica National Park is about 45 kilometers from Zadar. It’s one of the oldest national parks in Croatia, and since 2017 it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in Europe.

NP Paklenica is best known for its beautiful forests, special black bushes and beech trees, but it is worth noting the geomorphological features of the park, such as the impressive canyons of Mala and Velika Paklenica, several caves, as well as the highest peaks such as the Vaganski vrh and the Sveto brdo.

The Sjeverni Velebit National Park is located in just a short distance from Paklenica, and is also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It makes it a special variety of karst phenomena, as well as the plant and animal life.

Krka National ParkKrka National Park is located about 70 kilometers from Zadar, and is famous for its numerous lakes and waterfalls, as well as the beautiful river Krka, which it is named after.

The Krka River, which is best known for its natural karst phenomenon, nowadays has 7 sedge waterfalls, and it is recommended to visit in the spring and summer when it is full of splendor.

Plitvička jezera - Plitvice LakesThe Plitvička jezera (Plitvice Lakes) National Park is the farthest from Zadar, some 120 kilometers away, but it is still a wonderful destination to visit. The oldest Croatian national park consists of almost 30 thousand hectares of wooded mountain range with 16 lakes recognized by crystal clear blue water.

NP Plitvice lakes are also characterized by numerous rivers and streams that provide water for the lakes, and are interconnected by cascades and waterfalls that simply take breath.

And that’s just a short list of natural sights worth seeing in the vicinity of Zadar.

We at Downtown Boutique Hostel are aware of the beauty and significance of these natural phenomena, so we will be happy to help you to organize excursions and visits to these national parks, as well as other historical and natural attractions in our area.

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